Van Gansewinkel, which employs approximately 4,350 permanent employees, records net annual revenue of approximately € 1 billion. We are the market leader in the Benelux countries in waste management and recycling, and through our subsidiaries Coolrec and Maltha we also operate in Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary.

Waste is generated wherever people live and work. And in most cases, sooner or later, this waste is disposed of, removed or destroyed. After all, most people see waste as something undesirable. At Van Gansewinkel we want to waste no more!

We are working to develop a profitable circular economy and a clean living environment. By recovering raw materials from waste, we are making a tangible contribution to resolving the global problem of raw materials shortage and making a significant contribution to achieving climate targets.

Van Gansewinkel plays a leading and connecting role in the value chain from waste to raw materials. We are continuously working together with our customers, suppliers and other partners in the supply chain to build cycles and to generate both environmental and economic value from waste.