Ferranti Computer Systems, a member of the Nijkerk Group, was founded in 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The core focus of Ferranti is to map out business processes and design an automation strategy, together with its customers, which leads to process improvements. This helps Ferranti reach its goal of improved efficiency and cost savings.

The company is organized around the following business domains:

  • Energy and Utilities

With its flagship MECOMS™ Product, Ferranti is delivering 40 years of experience in the energy, water and utilities markets to its customers.

  • Public Safety

Faster reaction times and automation via integration of existing systems are key in Ferranti’s FrontForce solution. Based upon the state-of-the art Computer Aided dispatch (CAD) solution of Intergraph® Ferranti has built it’s FrontForce solution to help the public safety sector in getting a complete and integrated system.

  • System Integration

Ferranti Computer Systems draws on a wide range of experience in all technical aspects and market sectors, providing leading enterprises and governments with advanced control and information technology solutions, with a high degree of availability and safety.

  • ICT Infrastructure

The evolution of information technologies and systems has created opportunities for business integration and automation. As new technologies emerge, innovative organizations will generate the highest value for their business and customers. It is therefore necessary to get the basics right and have the ICT infrastructure fully under control.