The NWO-MVI Board is responsible for the global coordination of the programme. After advice from the Advisory Board, the NWO-MVI Board decides in selection rounds which applications will be awarded funding.

  • Ms Heleen Bos, Rijk Zwaan Breeding BV
  • Em. prof. Rietje van Dam-Mieras
  • Prof. Jeroen van den Hoven, Delft University of Technology
  • Prof. Saskia Lavrijssen, Universiteit  van Amsterdam/ Universiteit van Tilburg
  • Dr Kees Linse (a.o. Supervisory Board Leiden Universiy Medical Center, Supervisory Board TNO, Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA)
  • Prof. Anthonie Meijers, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Prof. Tsjalling Swierstra, Maastricht University
  • Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek, University ofTwente

Advisory Board

For the assessment of funding applications, the MVI Board appoints the members of an Advisory Board. This board advises which applications should not be funded. The Advisory Board also advises on (all) other aspects of the funding round. The Board consists of both scientific and social members.

Members for the 2016 round were:

Scientific members

  • Prof. Armin Grunwald, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Oliver Bendel, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switserland
  • Dr Frans Brom, Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)
  • Prof. Harro van Lente, Maastricht University
  • Dr Linnet Taylor, Tilburg University

Societal members

  • Ir. Bertrand van Ee, until recently CEO Climate-KIC / CEO Royal HaskoningDHW
  • Kitty van der Heijden MSc, Director World Resources Institute (WRI Europe)
  • Dr Pim Lindhout, Director R&D at Solynta
  • Paulette van Ommen MSc, DSM Corporate Sustainability

Young MVI

Young MVI is formed by young researchers from ongoing or recently finished projects. They form a sounding board for specific MVI projects, share their best practices with other researchers, can be asked to advise the Board and are involved in general NWO-MVI activities.


  • Dr Nikki Aarts, Erasmus Medical Center
  • Dr Eline M. Bunnik, Erasmus Medical Center
  • Dr Johanna Höffken, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dr Lotte Krabbenborg, Radboud Universiteit
  • Dr Wouter Boon, Utrecht University
  • Dr Koen Beumer, University of Groningen

Industry Table (to be established)

Once establishedm the Industry Table will consist of representaties of industry and will advise the NWO-MVI Board on the Research Agenda on topics that are particularly relevant for industry. Besides, they will actively promote contact between NWO-MVI and industry. 

NWO-MVI office

  • Paulien Snellen MA, secretary
  • Marlies van de Meent MSc, senior advisor
  • Sabine Zinsmeister MSc, communications