Opportunities for top sectors and companies

The NWO-MVI approach offers many opportunities for the Dutch ‘top sectors‘ and businesses. Innovations based on societal responsibility make better use of market opportunities, because societally inspired innovations lead to better answers to the major challenges of our time. In addition, the risk of complex and costly adaptations at a later stage is reduced because the ethical and societal aspects are included in the design stage.

Cooperation opportunities

Organisations can contribute actively to NWO-MVI projects, either as a partner or as a member of the valorisation panel. It is also possible to learn from the project results without actively taking part in the projects. This portal makes it possible to access research results, see videos, contribute to discussions, and to contact MVI experts from research teams in various disciplines.

Representatives of policy-making bodies or civil society organisations can also take part in a valorisation panel. These panels advise research teams on implementation of the research results.


Businesses that apply the NWO-MVI approach will have:

  • an improved societal licence to operate;
  • innovations that are better suited to the consumer and the societal environment;
  • new ideas for unforeseen innovations;
  • constructive and useful feedback from excellent researchers.

Alignment with the top sectors

NWO-MVI is part of the NWO contribution to the top sectors (in Dutch). To formulate a joint research agenda, NWO-MVI brings together researchers and representatives of the top sectors, who then jointly define the topics that form the greatest scientific challenges in the top sectors. These can be issues within the specific top sectors but also more general issues that apply to all top sectors. As of 2012, all projects are focused on these issues.