Opportunities for policy and society

The technological innovations in the NWO-MVI programme will contribute to resolving social issues such as energy transition, digitisation of society and climate change.

This social focus offers NWO-MVI policymakers and civil society organisations a wealth of opportunities. For example, insights from the research can result in concrete policy recommendations.

Cooperation opportunities

Organisations can contribute actively to NWO-MVI projects, either as a partner or as a member of the valorisation panel. Not only will the members of the valorisation panel benefit from discussions with each other and the research team, they will also help ensure that the research results are widely accessible to relevant stakeholders.

It is also possible to learn from the project results without having to actively take part in the projects. This portal makes it possible to access research results, see videos, actively contribute to discussions and to contact MVI experts from research teams in various disciplines.

Representatives of policy-making bodies or civil society organisations can also take part in a valorisation panel. These panels advise research teams on implementation of the research results.