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Prof. Hermie Hermens

Twente University

Prof. Dr. Ir. Hermie J. Hermens did his master in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. His PhD was on surface EMG modelling, processing and clinical applications. He became Professor in Neuromuscular Control at the University of Twente. He was the initiator and coordinator of the SENIAM project, which had a substantial impact as it resulted in a broadly accepted worldwide standard on surface EMG electrodes properties and their placement on the muscles.

Hermie was co-founder of Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), originating from the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre, which has grown now in the largest institute in the area of rehabilitation technology and Telemedicine in the Netherlands. He was also one of the initiators of the Center for Care Technology Research (CCTR), now director technology,  one of the 8 Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE’s) of the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative. At the University of Twente he was co-founder of Center for Monitoring and Coaching and more recently, he was the initiator of the "Personalised ehealth technology program" at Utwente.

He gradually switched his research area from rehabilitation technology towards combining Biomedical Engineering with ICT to enable remote monitoring and Telemedicine. In 2008, he became professor Telemedicine and head of the Telemedicine research group, at UTwente, in 2010 director Telemedicine at RRD and in 2012 director Technology of the CCTR and visiting professor of the Caledonian University in Glasgow.

Hermie is (co)-author of over 300 peer reviewed scientific journal papers, and many more congress publications, reflected in a high H-index (56) and over 15000 citations of his work.

He coordinated three European projects and participated in over 25 other international projects in the area of Rehabilitation Technology and Telemedicine. The present focus of his research involves smart automatic coaching systems using on-body sensing and personalised feedback, and intelligent context aware systems/services that support independent living of people with chronic conditions. In 2017 he acquired 5 European projects, two of which he is coordinating.  Among them is the H2020 Council of Coaches project, focused on a disruptive new way of artificial coaching using multiple artificial coaches.