Henny van der Windt's picture

Dr Henny van der Windt

University of Groningen

Dr. Henny J. van der Windt (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) is an associate professor at the Science and Society Group of the Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen.   

He has a training as an ecologist and additional training in Science and Technology Studies. His research interests includes co-creation of knowledge in innovation and public decision processes, environmental history and the role of CSO's in science and technology. In particular is was involved in projects concerning Nature conservation policy at a provincial level,  Nutrigenomics, Societal aspects of nanotechnology, Learning networks in agricultural landscapes,  Public Engagement with Research, and Knowledge networks in coastal areas. In addition he published about social movements, science theatre, sustainable management of coastal zones and brook valleys, the role of ecologists in decision making and the valuation of nature. He was editor-in-chief of the Dutch-Flemish Yearbook of Environmental History.

From 2013 onwards he  has been involved in research programms concerning sustainable community energy.

His teaches in the Bachelor program Sustainability, in the Master program Science, Business & Policy and the Master program Energy and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Groningen.


He has been and is member of several advisory committees and advisory trajectories concerning sustainable management, sustaibale energy and nature conservation.