Hans Wortmann's picture

Prof. Hans Wortmann

University of Groningen

Dr Hans Wortmann, educated as industrial engineer, is full professor in Information Management at Groningen University. The core of his field are software services, collaborating according to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) principles, but he is also chairman of the Lean Management Network.

Within manufacturing industries, he is engaged in digitalization of industrial processes (“Smart Manufacturing”). For many years, he was editor of the academic journal Computers-in-Industry. 
In addition, he is active in distribution logistics and the mutual adjustment of supplier, wholesaler, and customer, and in particular Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). IT-systems constitute an important element of integral logistics. 
A third field of interest resides in sustainable energy supply, enabled by available flexibility via smart grids, and the potential role of flexibility in energy conversion, e.g. conversion into hydrogen or biogas.
Finally, he works on ICT applications in health, viz. sensor technology to stimulate health related behaviour in the workplace.