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Gijs van Maanen

Tilburg University

I have a background in history and philosophy of political science. My history thesis was titled 'Deliberative democracy in the Netherlands' and focused on one specific deliberative 'mini public' which took place in the city of Groningen ('The G1000 Groningen'). In my philosophy thesis, I evaluated the social-political relevance of a new movement in feminist political theory called 'new materialism'.

My interests include, but are not limited to, democratic theory, deliberative democracy, political legitimacy, philosophy of immigration, feminist theory, and the philosophy of history.

Currently, I am working on a project on the ethics of big data usage by governments and citizens. The project is titled 'Designing a regulatory framework for citizen-friendly data communication by public actors', and my direct colleagues are prof. dr. Anne Meuwese, dr. Johan Wolswinkel, and Annemarie Balvert LLM.