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Dr Eline Bunnik

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Eline Bunnik is Assistant Professor at the department of Medical Ethics of Erasmus MC. She is interested in the ethics of predictive medicine and new technologies, including genetics and genomics, epigenetics, prenatal screening, as well as research ethics topics (e.g. incidental findings, informed consent) and organ donation and transplantation. Also, she is conducting research into ethical issues surrounding access to and funding of (expensive) new medical treatments. She teaches and serves on the research ethics review board of Erasmus MC. Eline is involved as a principal investigator, researcher or advisor in various national and international research collaborations, such as the Ethical and Legal Issues of Personalised Medicine (ELSI-PM) Consortium of ZonMw, and has worked on Responsible Innovation (MVI) projects on epigenetics and early access to unapproved drugs.