FOI shall be in demand as a world leader in defence and security issues, thereby contributing to a safer and more secure world. This is our vision that we try to achieve in everything that we do.

FOI is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the areas of defence and security. We have 930 highly skilled employees with various backgrounds. At FOI, you will find everything from physicists, chemists, engineers, social scientists, mathematicians and philosophers to lawyers, economists and IT technicians.

FOI’s core activities are research, methodology/technology development, analyses and studies. FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence.

The Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Material Administration are our main customers. However, we also accept assignments from civil authorities and industry. Our clients from the defence sector place very high demands on advanced research, which also benefits other customers.

FOI has experts in many fields of application, such as security policy studies and analyses of defence and security, assessments of various types of threats, systems for crisis leadership and management, protection against and management of hazardous substances, IT security and the opportunities provided by new sensors.