Funding opportunities for NWO-MVI research in 2018 and 2019

In the forthcoming period the possibilities for Responsible Innovation (MVI) research mainly lie within specific research programmes/initiatives within the top sectors. The underlying reasons for this are that the importance of MVI is increasingly recognised and there is a growing demand to link responsible innovation research to NWO research programmes/initiatives. MVI will be linked to these initiatives from the outset, if possible as soon as the research agenda is drawn up. In view of the interdisciplinary collaboration (between humanities, natural sciences and social sciences researchers) matchmaking events will be organised. Via the MVI newsletter and the MVI webportal more information will be released when a call is published or a relevant meeting is scheduled to take place.

In 2018 and 2019 NWO-MVI is specifically linked to the following initiatives:

Designing for public values in a digital world (Call is closed)

On 7 february, NWO published the unique NWO-MVI Call for Proposals for the research programme Responsible Innovation; Designing for public values in a digital world. This programme is a joint project of NWO-MVI, the municipality of The Hague and the Ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, of Foreign Affairs, of Defence and of Justice & Security. The Call is characterised by the interaction between public values and digital technology. More information

Sustainable Living Labs, phase II – top sector Logistics (Call is closed)

The Sustainable Living Labs Call Phase 2: provides funding for innovative ‘living labs’ in which research will be carried out and experiments performed. The main objective of every project is innovation in the transport and mobility system. The funded ‘lighthouse projects’ combine innovative fundamental, applied and practice-oriented research of a high level. Due to their visibility, these projects will contribute to the application and scaling-up of the insights and solutions developed, therefore leading to structural changes in the logistics sector.

The Responsible Innovation approach developed by NWO forms an integral part of the call and all the selected proposals. This approach ensures that the ethical and societal aspects of innovations being researched in the living labs are identified at an early stage in the project.

On the 22th of November 2018 a matchmaking was organised for researchers interested in this call. On the 11thof June 2019, eight projects received funding. An overview of these projects can be found here.

Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) – top sectors Chemistry and Energy

During the national ECCM conference on the 21sth of June, the call ‘Electrochemical conversion and materials (ECCM), Tenure Track Call 2019’ is published. The call can be found here. The goal of this call is strengthening the research field of Electrochemical Conversion and Materials through the introduction of tenure track positions. This research area is aimed at increasing our fundamental understanding of electrochemical processes. Proposals in this area do not have to be aimed at a particular application area, but should show how the research advances the field of electrochemistry as a whole.

To ensure that the research within ECCM will lead to responsible innovations with broad societal support, NWO encourages research into the ethical and societal aspects (such as legal, sociological, economic and psychological aspects) of technological and other innovations. NWO has developed the Responsible Innovation (MVI) approach to this end. By ascertaining as early as possible which aspects play a role and what the impact of the innovation is on the stakeholders involved, due consideration can be given to these aspects during the design phase. Researchers from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences work together and jointly approach an issue from the perspective of their different areas of expertise. 

The deadline for the call is on the 21sth of November 2019 at 14:00. 

Blockchain – top sector ICT (Call is closed)

The Call Fundamental knowledge for responsible Blockchain innovations is now open. Multidisciplinary partnerships can apply for funding for coherent research in the field of socially responsible Blockchain innovations, as described in the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda. This research must pay attention to the potential impact of Blockchain innovations on society. The closing date for the compulsory submission of ‘Expressions of Interest’ was on 28 February 2019. An information & networking event was held on 8 March 2019. More information

Value from Biomass – top sectors Chemistry and Energy (Call is closed)

The Value from biomass programme is aimed at conducting research into producing chemicals, materials and energy from biomass in an efficient and responsible way. The deadline for research proposals was 13 June 2019. On March 28, applicants were given the opportunity to get to know researchers from the different sectors. Various industries have also been invited. More information

HTSM-call 2019 – top sector High Tech Systems & Materials (Call is closed)

The call HTSM of NWO domain TTW is a result of the Dutch topsector policy. Researchers are challenged together with companies to develop knowledge for technological breakthroughs and innovative applications. The call HTSM 2019 aims to encourage excellent fundamental and application-oriented research in the area of high-tech systems and materials in the Netherlands, in order to strengthen the Netherlands' competitive position in this area internationally. NWO also intends to make it possible for accepted research applications in the Call HTSM 2019 to integrate the proposed research with responsible innovation (MVI) research. The MVI Top-Up call will be published at a later time on the website of the Dutch Research Council and will also be announced on the NWO-MVI channels. More information

Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) 2.0 – top sectors Life Sciences & Health and HTSM (Call is closed)

Project ideas could be submitted until 9 April 2019 as part of the Heart for a sustainable healthcare Call (Hart voor duurzame zorg). This Call for Proposals was aimed at research into new medical technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. An information & networking event was held in the Holland Heart House in Utrecht on 15 February 2019. The deadline for submitting full proposals was at the end of July 2019. Read more (in Dutch)

The Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) will publish two new calls for proposals in October 2019 under the theme Technology for staffable healthcare. Read the pre-announcement here.

Other opportunities for MVI research


For questions about these funding opportunities you can contact the NWO-MVI platform via